What can we do for your hair?

Welcome to AfroSaloon

AfroSaloon Afro Hair Care (China) Co. Ltd is an African wholly owned foreign company with hair shops in Beijing for people of African descent and all those who love to mimic our hairstyles.

We offer a wide range of services for all hair types, including braiding, haircut, hair coloring, dreadlocks, hair treatment etc. in addition to beauty treatment, using the latest techniques and quality products.With our team of dedicated Afro hair care professionals from around Africa, we cater to all those who love Afro hairstyles.

We have the expertise in all areas of afro hair techniques. Every stylist has their own specialty and they deliver a masterpiece on your hair to suit or adapt your hair style either to your profession or personality. Indeed we understand that your hair is your beauty, and ensuring that you are looking Good and Feeling Great is what we are passionate about at AfroSaloon.

Our belief is that customer’s needs are of utmost importance. The entire team either in Beijing is committed to meeting those needs.We pride ourselves in giving you beautiful Afro hairstyles with the aim to make you admired. With us you feel like you have just had a facelift.

Afro hair styles are for every one- either you are Asians, or Caucasians or Latinos. We welcome you to experience our master hands of creation.

What do we do?

We aim to create a look that can transform you and leave you admired, enhance your individual style and give you confidence. Our service range includes but is not limited to:

Women :
√ Weaving
√ Braiding: All different types of Braiding such as Twist, Rasta, Box braids, Single braids, Crochet braids, Tree braids, Half braids, Fish scales
√ Cornrows: From simple to complex cornrows
√ Dreadlocks, dreadlocks modelling
√ Relaxing,Coloring, Styling/Set,Blow dry, Flat iron, Hair brushing
√ Washing, Steaming, Deep conditioning
√ Haircut, hair trimming
√ De-braiding, De-weaving
√ Eyebrow
√ Pony tail
√ Bridal service, special occasion hair and makeup package

√ Haircut
√ Beard trimming, hair shaping, hair graphic
√ Dreadlocks, dreadlocks modelling
√ All different types of braiding
√ Cornrows
√ Relaxing, hair coloring
√ Washing, steaming
√ De-braiding

√ All services as above for men and women